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How to make a complaint

Registered interpreters must comply with the RISLI Code of Conduct, for example act professionally or be confidential. If you feel the registered interpreter did not follow the Code of Conduct, you can send a complaint to RISLI. To send a complaint you can fill out the Complaints Form below in Irish Sign Language or written English.

  • Complaints can be submitted in Irish Sign Language (ISL) by sending a video message to or Mobile number 086 138 0180
  • A meeting can be arranged with RISLI through video call or in person to submit your complaint
  • A complaint can be sent by post to: Complaints sub-committee, Register of Sign Language Interpreters (RISLI), Deaf Village Ireland, Ratoath Road,  Cabra, Dublin 7

Complaints Form

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What happens next?  

  1. RISLI will check the complaint, to make sure all the necessary information is included.
  2. The complaint is referred to the Complaints Sub-committee. The sub-committee may ask for more information from the complainant, interpreter or other relevant individuals/organisations.
  3. Once the investigation is complete, the sub-committee will prepare a Complaints Report which will include the decision of the committee and any action(s) to be taken. The report will be given to the complainant and the interpreter.
  4. Actions by the sub-committee can include:
    • Formal written warning may be issued to the interpreter 
    • Conditions can be attached to the interpreter’s registration as set out in the Registration Process Policy
    • Suspension from the Register for a specified period
    • Removal from the Register

For more information see the Complaints Policy.

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