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Consultation on RISLI Complaints Procedures

The Register of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (RISLI) was set up to maintain a register of Irish Sign Language (ISL) Interpreters.

A person who wants to provide ISL interpretation for a court or public body must be registered with RISLI. See Irish Sign Language Act of 2017.

RISLI operates a complaints process. People can submit complaints about interpreters on the register, if they think the interpreter did not follow the RISLI Code of Conduct.

New Complaints Procedures

RISLI is developing new Complaints Procedures. We would like your feedback on the new Complaints procedures.

What is different about the new Complaints Procedures?

  • An independent Complaints Officer will deal with complaints (instead of a 3-person Complaints Sub-committee).
  • A member of the Registration Panel or a member of the Deaf community may assist the Complaints Officer in considering and deciding on a complaint.
  • Appeals will be dealt at by a different Complaints Officer.
  • Mediation is not mentioned in the new procedures.
  • The person making a complaint (the complainant) can no longer appeal the decision made by the Complaints Officer.

What is the same about the new Complaints Procedures?

  • Any person (including RISLI itself) can make a complaint about an interpreter on the register.
  • When a complaint is received, a RISLI staff member will check the complaint and forward to the Complaints Officer.
  • The Complaints Officer may decide not to investigate the complaint, for example if the complaint would be better dealt with by another organisation. The complainant and the interpreter being complained about (“interpreter”) will be given reasons for the Complaints Officer’s decision.
  • The Complaints Officer may ask for additional information from the complainant, interpreter, other people or organisations.
  • The interpreter will receive the same documentation about the complaint as the Complaints Officer.
  • The Complaints Officer may hold a meeting to discuss evidence. This is called an evidence meeting.
  • The Complaints Officer will prepare a Complaints Report with the decision and the reason(s) for their decision. This report will be given to the interpreter and complainant.
  • An interpreter can submit an appeal.

Please find attached the full draft Complaints Procedures. [MO1] 

How to send your feedback:


Mobile: 086 138 0180 

Meeting: Contact us to arrange a meeting. We can meet you in the RISLI office at:

Deaf Village Ireland, Ratoath Road, Cabra, Dublin 7

or meet you online (for example, using Zoom).

 [MO1]Include attachment to the PDF document of the complaints procedures

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