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Introduction to RISLI Team

Hi, my name is Margaret. I am the manager of the Register of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (RISLI).

Hi, my name is Dani, I am the new administrator for RISLI. I previously studied at the Centre for Deaf Studies in Trinity College Dublin. I am responsible for social media, promotion, developing a new website and organising events. I am looking forward to working with you all.

We do we at RISLI?

We maintain the Register of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (RISLI). To join the register, Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters must have specific qualifications. To stay on the register, interpreters must do Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and training and must abide by the RISLI Code of Conduct. Only interpreters on the register can interpret with Public Bodies, in compliance with the Irish Sign Language Act.

What happening in RISLI?

RISLI is now an independent organisation. We are developing a new website. Next year we will focus on promotion and organising information events.

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